What is überliner inc.?

überliner inc. is a creative collective based in Berlin, Germany founded in 2010. We are specializing in providing high-quality Miniature projects from concept to product.

It consists of five permanent members. Simultaneously, we draw from a pool of more than 40 international specialists, depending on the nature of the assignment: Artists, Sculptors, Builders, Illustrators, Painters, Designers, Urbanists, 3D Printing Specialists, manufacturing and casting Specialists, Advertisers, etc. überliner inc.´s working practice focuses on creating haptic realities and intricate artifacts. Our particular background and specific focus on Miniatures has sharpened our eyes to the detail in the framework of complex, time-sensitive productions. Drawing from previous experience, we have provided creative solutions to a number of prestigious clients all over the world.  

überliner inc. cultivates a working practice that is interdependent and collaborative, seeking to actively identify relevant projects that will result in successful, highly innovative collaborations and outcomes.

Matt J. Ceckiewicz (Berlin, Germany *1986), graduated as an Urbanist and Architect from the University of the Arts in 2013. In 2010 he co-founded and established überliner inc. with Adam and Ben. He has won numerous prizes for both his Architecture Designs (BDA SARP Award, IOC IAKS Olympic Bronze Medal, etc.) as well as his Miniature work (Slayer Sword, 30+ international Awards and Prizes). Matt has worked for major film productions like the Harry Potter Series and Legacy Effects as a prop maker and painter. His role at uberliner inc. is to identify and initiate collaborations with future business partners, to direct the creative process as Principal Art Director, to coordinate the workflow, and to hold it all together.

Adam Brych (Berlin, Germany *1985) has studied Computer Science and Media

at the Technical University Berlin. He has been helping to equip and modernize

the 3D Laboratory for two years before deciding to build his own SLA 3D Printer

from scratch. Being one of the Founders and the Technical Brain of uberliner inc.,

Adam is restlessly solving smaller and bigger technical challenges on a daily basis.

He has also helped numerous companies to create, develop and release physical

products as a Product Manager. He is proficient in several coding and regular languages and solves complex mathematical challenges just to keep his brain entertained.


Ben Arik Komets (Berlin, Germany *1980), graduated as an architect from the University of Potsdam in 2006. Besides being the Chief Creative Director at überliner inc., he has established his excellent reputation as a professional, internationally recognized Miniature Painter. Having successfully competed in and judged all major Painting Competitions on the globe,

Ben has developed an excellent feeling for production quality and visual detail. He sees the world in textures, colors, lights, and shadows. His role at überliner inc. is to tell an exciting narrative while simultaneously keeping an eye on the realistic side of things.


Matthias Zander (Berlin, Germany *1981), is an experienced and prolific Sculptor that has started his profession as a Violin and Guitar maker in Malaga, Spain. For more than a decade, Mati has been specializing in creating various Miniatures both traditionally and digitally, ranging from organic Star Wars Creatures to his mechanical designs for his own ‘Zander Robotics’ line. He is an expert in analyzing and preparing existing sculptures for production. His family and dog Salsa inspire him to strive for finding the perfect line, curve, shape, and volume for the task, making him a valuable expert in the process of shaping realities.