Cyberpunk 2077 Statue (2020)


"Your bones are probably gonna break exploring Night City on foot. If not, that damn Motorbike will." - Unknown Choomba


urbanstyle.bomber (2011)

Client: HEKTICKET Berlin

As an urban city gallery, the urban.stylebomber is a catalyst for people's urge to design in public urban spaces. Change is a key element: The outer skin absorbs the change and documents it as a kind of public guestbook...

FTCYL (2010)


Fuck The City You Love.

People identify more and more through the city they live in. Through FTCYL, we want to make it possible to take this one sided love to the next level...

Ciri and the Kitsune (2020)

Client: CDPR Gear

The Lady of Space and Time is not bound to any single realm or era — and there are entire worlds of contracts open to one so deadly and determined....


Twister (2011)

Client: Kunstcampus Berlin

Twister is a temporary, interactive pavilion in public space. On a 3400 m² area in Berlin Mitte right behind the main train station, in cooperation with the UIC Chicago ...

The INU Kingdoms is a Dark Fantasy Epic set in the World of INU. It consists of stories that have a specific cast of evolving characters, an in-depth world history and scope of interconnected stories...

As a spatial visualization of motion tracking data from traditional Japanese sword fighting techniques, the "Iai Sculpture" offers a glimpse into the complex beauty of dynamic movements ...


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