Client: überliner Produktserie

Year: 2010

Status:In Progress


Fuck The City You Love. 


Thousands wander the streets wearing white shirts emblazoned with a red heart, showing their affection to a place - the City. I <3 NY, I <3 Tokyo, Paris, London, Rio, Rome, Barcelona, Brighton, Birmingham, Berlin...


A city delivers a set of values that can be adapted, replied to, identified with, even excessively loved. Until now that love was stricktly platonic. We at Überliner want to help anyone who is truly in love with their city to take that affection to a new level. We want to allow people to explore cities deeper, to experience it´s buildings as they have never done before. 


For this reason, we have created a series of non Self-lubricating semi-synthetic hardened polymeric Phallus imitations, or simply Dildos. Our models are crafted with the highest attention to the detail possible. Every Volume, every beam, every ornament becomes an unique, exciting, sensual, sensory experience. Using them is like going on a Sightfeeling Tour. Since every building is unique in the way it has been designed and shaped by its history, it allows the user to explore space with their body and truly comprehend the whole spectrum of the shape. The sizes are as unique as the proportions of the buildings, which were slightly adapted to allow an easy use. Sex not only in, but with the city itself. 

The first city we depict is our home town of Berlin, Germany. Just like in most other cities you can find hundreds if not thousands of architectual phallic symbols spread across Berlin, but none is so evident as the Pride of Prussia´s Glory, the Siegessäule. A symbol for the victory over Denmark (1864), Austria (1866) and France (1870/71), the Glory Pole is a symbol for the dominance of military force over weaker nations. Flanked by 60 captured cannons and resting on an impressive pedestal, the Siegessäule was often the center of attention during the Love Parade and a memorable speech of the sexiest American President so far, Barack Obama.


“People of Berlin - people of the world - this is our monument. Here, at the base of a column built to mark victory in war. This is our time. This city, of all cities, knows the dream of freedom. ” - President Obama


Überliner has designed Dildos for a good dozen Landmark and Sightseeing Buildings all over the world and will release them regularily. Subscribe our Newsletter and never miss a release.