Client: Kunstcampus Berlin in collaboration with UIC Chicago

Year: 2011

Twister is a temporary, interactive pavilion in public space. In cooperation with the UIC Chicago, a pavilion was commissioned to serve as the central meeting point on a 3400 m² area in Berlin Mitte right behind the main train station. The occasion was the reopening of the Kunstcampus Berlin, to which several hundred guests were invited.


The core of the pavilion consists of a wooden triangular structure, which has been optimized through parametric calculations. Inside the pavilion there is a sophisticated light and sound concept through which the user can interactively play with the pavilion. The floor works like a so-called "nightingale floor", a Japanese type of flooring that makes a chirping noise with every step. The tones are created when the floor is stepped on by displacements of tenons with which the floorboards are attached. These are picked up via microphones, distorted and finally released back into the environment via loudspeakers. The result is a series of fascinating noises and sounds that offer a multi-sensory, interactive overall experience. At night, the pavilion is transformed into an open-air cinema that invites you to linger and meet.