We have been specializing in producing 3D printed Figurines and Collectibles since 2013, having accompanied several projects from concept to finished product. Utilizing our various Resin, Filament and Sinter Printers we follow a hybrid approach that combines the most economic and effective state of the art methods to bring the figurine to life quickly and with the highest degree of quality.

Our unique setting allows us to handle every single step of the production in-house. Additionally, we can re-create most digital
textures onto the physical figurine and coordinate with production to find the perfect balance between quality and time

Miniature Workshops

In the past we have organized and taught several Miniature Art related Workshops that had diverse topics like “Developing Narrative Characters: How Creatures come to life”, “Make it Pop!: How to use Contrast to guide the viewer through our Scene”, “Scenery Building for Competition Painters” and “Advanced Color Theory”. The small group workshops are a bonding experience that is sure to help and encourage your creative staff to think outside the box, to try something fresh yet related to their daily work and to develop ideas that will really make a difference in jobs in the creative industry. We would like to make you a modular offer from which you can pick your favourite package according to your needs. We will be very happy to adapt it to match your specifications.

überliner inc. offers a wide range of 3D printing services, ranging from intricate and highly detailed SLA production masters, prototypes, case studies, mockups to sturdy FDM prints. We are working in-house with several 3D printing specialists that can draw from extensive experience in the production of physical products.


We cover a vast scope of services connected to 3D printing, including conceptualizing, 3D sculpting and modelling (both hard surface and organic), preparing the assets for printing and cutting for casting, the production of resin or metal copies up to the fulfillment and shipping of the products to the consumer.

The abacus model has a special look and feel, developed and protected by überliner. Regardless of whether you need a special presentation model, a model of the environment or a cityscape or a unique sculpture, with the Abacus model even complex geometries and filigree shapes can be created based on your ideas without your own 3D model. You always get a very photogenic, elegant model in 100% precise execution, which can be illuminated from below depending on the type of material. Possible materials are micro-corrugated cardboard, model cardboard (Bristol), Finnboard, acrylic glass (XT and cast), MDF, solid wood and veneer, paper, leather, cork.